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    Main » 2012 » June » 18 » Our 'United' Letter
    Our 'United' Letter
    We have written some letters and then 'united' them into one big letter which we are going to send in our Welcome Pack to the schools of CCM1. Here it is :)



    Dear friends!

    What a cool idea to exchange letters!!  

    We want to write you a bit about our life. We are students of the 7 grade at Koltsovo lyceum #21, in Koltsovo, not far from Novosibirsk, Russia.

    Koltsovo is a scientists city. It was founded as a living area for the scientists of the Institute of Biology and Virology. Koltsovo is getting bigger and bigger and now people of different professions live here. Our parents are doctors, nurses, scientists, businessmen, shop assistants, managers, workers, and drivers. Koltsovo is not big and most people know each other.

    We like studying in our school. It is a good school where you can get good knowledge and get ready for university. We have very good teachers. Every class has their tutor or class mistress. Our tutor is Olga Anatol’yevna. She is also our Math teacher. We go to school 6 times a week and every day we have 6 - 7 lessons. We study 16 different school subjects. We also can have electives in Biology, Russian, Math, and Physics.

    We can attend lots of different activities and clubs after regular classes. There is a good swimming pool in our school and swimming is an obligatory class. Not all students like it but we like. Kolya is good at swimming. He wants to be as successful as his elder brother. Our school is in the Health project and that is why we begin our school day with the 5-min morning exercises. After school we play volleyball and basketball, go skiing. Masha is fond of playing chess.

    Every year we have intellectual seasons. Smart children make teams and take part in the intellectual game What? Where? When?. Masha, Dasha, Igor, Kolya, Sasha play in the junior league.

    Some students take guitar lessons in the Amateur Song Club Candles. Yegor, Sasha, Slava and Kolya attend the Club. Our history teacher Sergey Yur’yevich teaches us playing the guitar.

    Students of the 9 grade who are in the Drama Club show us their plays every month.

    There are some good children’s clubs and Arts school in Koltsovo. Many students go dancing, practicing musical instruments, studying computer graphics, drawing, and painting. Nadya, Olya, Vlada and Sasha go dancing. Dasha, Igor, Nastya and Anfisa go painting and drawing. Dasha studies computer graphics.

    We like going to school because we have many friends there. We are cheerful, friendly and love fun.

    We think about our future professions. Some want to be scientists or doctors, or programmers or computer graphic designers, some want to become artists or interpreters, or engineers, or professional sportsmen. Now we want to get good marks and get good knowledge. But it is not always easy. 

    Do you have any school holidays or festivals?

    How many days a week are your school days?

    How many classes a day do you have?

    How long do you stay at school?

    How big is your homework?

    Do you have class mistresses or tutors?

    If you have any questions we will be glad to answer them.

    Bye for now, 

    7A and 7B graders from Koltsovo lyceum #21

    Novosibirsk, Russia

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