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    This week all groups are doing their Class surveys and we are too. It is not easy to write about everyday routine. What is clear to you could be difficult to understand for people of different cultural background. A very simple example with the boys' and girls' names. Not every person can identify which name is whose: Clay, Collin, Logan, Shelby, Shiann and Shieann. And why our so clear and evident names are so cool to hear as Kelly (our American partner) writes.  And to make and serve Arabic coffee is a real fairy tale. And ... lots and lots of and. The funny pictures I use are kindly offered by Khuzama, our generous facilitator.
    Views: 83 | Added by: Veranica | Date: 18.06.2012 | Comments (0)

    I think bullfinch as a symbol of the Novosibirsk iEARN Club is rather good. It is the bird that is seen in our area in winter and it is so bright and joyful. In a word it is optimistic, as all Siberians shoul be. Alternatives are welcomed.
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    First weeks of the Computer Chronicles project were really inspiring. The teachers exchanged hello messages, presented their cities and countries. We shared pictures and Power Point presentations about our contries, pointed to some cultural differences. In a word, we enjoyed communicating. The coming week is the week of making our Class Surveys. Class Surveys include a number of questions about schools, classes, favourite subjects, hobbies, sports, etc. Students get a chance to share their interests and some information about schools, and communities.
    Views: 96 | Added by: Veranica | Date: 18.06.2012 | Comments (0)

    This year I and my students of the grade 7, Koltsovo lyceum #21 decided to take part in the iEARN project Learning Circles, Computer Chronicles. Our partners are teachers and studens from all over the world. We collaborate with the groups from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Jordan, Kenya, the USA, and some schools from Russia (Omsk oblast and Tatarstan). The session will be14 weeks (January - May). 

     The groups are working on projects drawn from the curriculum of each of the classrooms organized around a selected theme. At the end of the term the group will collect and publish its work. Then the Learning Circle comes to an end. Each session begins with new groupings of classes into Learning Circles. The next session (September to January Session) begins September 30, 2012 and ends on January 12, 2013 (15 weeks with a 1-week break in December). Learning Circle Place ... Read more »

    Views: 97 | Added by: Veranica | Date: 18.06.2012 | Comments (0)

    Taking part in any conference is always useful and refreshing experience for teachers. The Novosibirsk State University annual conference on the basis of the Specialized Center (Physics-Mathematics School), 5-7 June, 2012 was really rewarding. The participants, teachers from all over Russia and some guests from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, exchanged their experience of teaching gifted and talented students of the specialized science classes. Some specialized schools, lyceums, and centers of Novosibirsk and St Petersburg presented their system of work. Other educational bodies shared their first experience of teaching students of specialized classes. The importance of studying science and mathematics in harmony with humanitarian subjects and English as a language of science was underlined. It was an absolute lyrics and physicists' consensus.
    Views: 97 | Added by: Veranica | Date: 10.06.2012 | Comments (0)

    I personally partly experienced the life in Soviet Russia and contemporary Russia. In Soviet Russia I was a careless child and a young girl. In contemporary Russia I am a married  woman, a mother, a teacher, in a word, I am a person with lots of responsibilities. May be that is why my contemporary life looks more difficult. When my granny was alive and told me about her life in tsarist Russia< ... Read more »

    Views: 123 | Added by: Veranica | Date: 05.03.2012 | Comments (0)

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